Reglamento Granadella Trail Costa Blanca 2021

Los próximos días 5 y 6 de febrero de 2022 se celebrará la VII Edición del Granadella Trail para corredores, y además habrá carreras para niños desde la categoría de barrufets hasta cadetes (hasta 15 años). La salida y la llegada tendrá lugar en el Parque Pinosol de Xàbia (Alicante)
Los participantes deberán recoger los dorsales el sábado 5 de febrero, o el domingo 6  hasta 30 minutos antes de la salida.
Las pruebas serán:

  • Minitrail: sábado 5 de febrero a partir de las 15.30 horas

  • Trail 21,5km 900+: domingo 6 de febrero a las 9:00 horas

  • Sprint Trail 14km 600+: domingo 6 de febrero a las 9.00 horas.


Regulations Granadella Trail Costa Blanca 2021


The next 6 and 7 February 2021 will be held the VI Edition of the Granadella Trail for runners, and there will also be races for children from the category of barrufets to cadets (up to 15 years). The departure and arrival will take place in the Pinosol Park of Xàbia (Alicante)
Participants must collect their numbers on Saturday February 6, or Sunday February 7, up to 30 minutes before departure.
The races will be:


  • Mini-trail: Saturday February 6 from 3:30 p.m.

  • Sprint Trail 10 km, 400m +: Sunday, February 7 at 8:00 a.m.

  • Trail 17.2 km, 800m +: Sunday, February 7 at 10.30 am



The REGULATIONS of this competition are based on the official FEMECV mountain racing regulations. Everything not contemplated in the following points may be governed by these regulations.


1.1 To complete the itinerary there is a maximum time of 2 hours 15 minutes for the sprint trail and 3 hours 30 minutes for the trail. In addition, pass controls are set. Anyone who arrives later will be disqualified.

1.2 In the Sprint Trail race there will be 2 feeding points during the race and the Trail participants will have 3 in the race, plus a final feeding point upon arrival for all. The tests for children will only have the finish line supplies. The itinerary of all the tests will be marked with tape.

1.3 It is a race on foot through mountains of high difficulty, it runs through technical areas, trails, tracks, dirt roads and to a lesser extent asphalt roads. As it is a medium-distance event with significant unevenness, good physical and mental preparation and a great capacity for personal autonomy are essential to complete the route. The organization warns that an effort as large as this can cause serious health risks.

1.4 Bad weather will not be an obstacle to the performance of the races, although the organization reserves the right to suspend or modify the route if it considers it appropriate.

1.5 Minors are not allowed to participate in the Granadella Trail tests (17km), and for the Sprint Trail (10km) people over 15 years of age (cadets and juniors) may participate with authorization signed by the parent or guardian.

1.6 If a participant abandons the race during its course, they must notify the nearest control or the volunteers that act as a broom.

1.7 The following will be grounds for penalty or disqualification:

1. Not going through all the controls.
2. Receiving outside help outside feeding points.
3. Failure to complete the entire track of the place marked by the organization.
4. Dirt or degrade the itinerary.
5. Not wearing the bib on the front of the shirt or modifying it.
6. Not giving assistance to any participant who needs it.
7. Not arriving at the checkpoints within the maximum time provided by the organization.
8. Other cases provided for in the FEMECV competition regulations.

1.8 Participants in races for children (youngest, juvenile, infant) must present an authorization signed by their parents or guardians to compete. THE SIGNED AUTHORIZATION MUST BE PRESENTED AT THE STARTING POINT OF THE RACE to collect the bib.

1.9 It is the responsibility of the participants and their parents or guardians (in the case of underage participants), to wear the appropriate equipment for the race. It is also the responsibility of the above, to have obtained the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to participate in the races.

1.10 The organization limits the number of participants in the 17.2 km test to 300 and 300 participants in the 10 km test for security reasons and restrictions as a result of Covid-19.


2.1 Although the races are limited to 300 participants each, once the available registrations are completed, a waiting list will be drawn up to cover possible cancellations.

2.2 The periods for the different races are established:

TRAIL 17 km € 16 (includes € 1 donation for the Red Cross and Civil Protection)
SPRINT TRAIL 10 km € 12 (includes € 1 donation for Red Cross and Civil Protection)
MINI TRAIL Benjamin, juvenile, child € 3

2.3 Registration gives the right to:

1. Make use of all the aid stations of the race.
2. A runner's bag with a technical shirt and other possible gifts.
3. Health care during the course and at the end of the test.
4. Transportation until the arrival of the  participants who retire.
5. Shower service at the end of the race

2.4 Cancellation and Returns

In the event that the race must be cancelled due to weather issues or restrictions as a result of Covid-19, both municipal and regional or state, the registration will be returned except for € 3 for management expenses.

Likewise, in the event of cancellation by the participant that takes place prior to February 1, 2020, the registration will be returned except € 3 for management fees.



Male and female participants are divided into the following categories:

A. ABSOLUTE Category (all participants from 18 years of age onwards, completed in the reference year *)
B. YOUTH Subcategory (all participants from 16 to 17 years old)
C. PROMESA subcategory (all participants from 18 to 23 years old, completed in the reference year *)
D. SENIOR subcategory (all participants from 24 to 39 years old, completed in the reference year *)
E. VETERAN subcategory (all participants from 40 to 49 years old, completed in the reference year *)
F. MASTER subcategory (all participants from 50 years of age, completed in the reference year *)
G. LOCAL subcategory (all participants who are members of CA LLEBEIG XABIA)

* The categories will be calculated taking as reference the year in which the race takes place.


Male and female participants are divided into the following categories:

CADET Category (all participants from 14 to 15 years old)
CHILDREN category (all participants from 12 to 13 years old)
ALEVÍN category (all participants from 10 to 11 years old)
BENJAMÍN category (all participants from 8 to 9 years old)
PREBENJAMÍN category (all participants from 6 to 7 years old)
BARRUFET category (all participants up to 5 years old)

The age that defines each category refers to the age that the participant will be for the current year, regardless of how old they are at the time of the race.



The first classified male and female in the absolute category will be declared absolute champion of the competition. Athletes who have reached 2nd and 3rd place in this category will be named runners-up and third classified. In addition, prizes will be awarded to the top 3 male and female finishers in each subcategory. The trophies will not be accumulative.


There will be prizes of € 500, € 300 and € 150 for the top 3 absolute male and female finishers of the 17.2 km event.


Saturday February 6, 2021: 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Pinosol Park all bibs for all races.
Sunday, February 7, 2020.
Sprint Trail (10k): from 6.30 am to 7.30 am in Pinosol Park
Trail (17k) from 8.15 am to 10 am in Pinosol Park. No bibs will be delivered for this race before the start of the sprint trail race.

The numbers will be collected individually, respecting the safety distances at all times, trying as far as possible to attend sufficiently in advance to avoid crowds and following the recommendations against the Covid-19 that are applicable at that time.


Participants give their consent for the organization of the races to treat their personal data automatically and solely for sports or promotional purposes.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1995 on the Protection of Personal Data, the participant can exercise their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an email to the address
Likewise, the registrants expressly grant the organization the right to reproduce the name, surname, category and result obtained.


In accordance with the promotional interests of the "Granadella Trail" (reproduction of photographs and videos of the event, publication of the classification lists, etc.), by any device or media (internet, advertising, press, etc.) and without time limit, the registrants give the organization the reproduction rights on the name, surname, classification and image All participants must fully accept these regulations.
Telephone of the person responsible for the participants in the event of an incident: 652 600 543 (Rolf).